Sunday, April 6, 2008

Recaps, great shows, and taxes

Recaps, great shows, and taxes
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Yes, I know I was supposed to hang out with you at some point over the last week, either in Louisville or Nashville. Instead of doing whatever it was I was supposed to be doing (playing accordion on your record, having brunch, checking out your friend’s new band, going for a walk, hitting a haberdashery, or calling you back), I was .... doing my taxes.

For 9 months out of the year, i LOVE being self-employed. But from January until April 15, I become angry about self-employment tax, irritated that the city of Louisville wants another 2.2%, confused as to why I am both the same as my LLC, and yet I still owe an additional $175 because my LLC is a separate entity. (Please don’t try to explain it. I will argue. I will yell. I might cry.)

Anyway, I’ve been stuck in Louisville all weekend doing taxes. But I wanted to do a quick recap of my adventures.

Nashville last weekend: It was David’s birthday. David is my Nashville roommate, and an old friend from high school. We had a delicious dinner at Mirror -- lots of tapas, including an indescribable grilled brie mini-sandwich.

I also played at the Five Spot in East Nashville with a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter, Chris Volpe. He reminds me of Townes Van Zandt, but has a sweet sweet voice. Anyway, I played accordion and musical saw for him. Chris’s friend, Charles Theodore, heard us rockin’, and I ended up playing accordion with him as well. The two of them are out on tour right now -- perhaps in your town. Check out their tour schedule, and go to their shows. I won’t be with them -- not this time, but give me time, give me time... Nothing i love more than traveling the country, playing good music with good people.

Also on the bill that night was a deliciously groovy singer, Danny Salazar, who sang mostly in Spanish but spoke to everyone in the room. I actually understood pretty much all of the lyrics. Of course, when I tried to have a conversation in Spanish with him later that night, all i could remember was, "Hace muchos aƱos que hablo espanol." So annoying. Anyway, he had a button accordion player with him. Love it when there are multiple accordions in the house.

Oh! And Bluegrass Mondays with Steve Cooley are back at the new-and-improved Gerstle’s in Louisville. I played some saw and got a little yodeling practice in this week. I forgot how good it feels to yodel and not be worried about waking your roommates. (Rachel, Jess, you wouldn’t believe it, but people APPLAUDED when I yodeled! They didn’t slam the door once!)

I am almost finished with my taxes and will return to the world soon.

I have about four million things to do. I love it when I’m busy, but I’m really really sorry I haven’t called you back yet.

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