Thursday, April 17, 2008

A New Day at the Circus

A new day at the circus.
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Ok first of all : apologies for typos and laziness with paragraphs. I'm blogging from my iPhone.

I ran off to Utah unexpectedly. To join the circus. Or an art rock band, whichever you prefer.

Not much detail to report yet. Sorry if I seem mysterious and vague.

Just thinking a lot about how so many people are misjudged by their actions. Actions are actions, but we can never comprehend the causes or reasons for them. We just see results and make assumptions. I guess everyone likes a good story or gossip.

Anyway more on that later.

There is glorious music surrounding me. Creation. Arranging. It's inspiring. It's not even really bothering me that everyone else smokes.

And the best thing is that my allergies completely disappear in the mountains. Fresh air. Deep breaths (except in the smoky room). Snow mountains. And more instruments than I've ever seen in one house.

Details later. For now, I'm really enjoying the general.

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