Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hard Rock, Tonic, David Mead, and 7M3

Hard Rock, Tonic, David Mead, and 7M3
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Tonight, Peter Searcy and I played a toned-down-but-still-rockin’ show at the Hard Rock Cafe. We were opening for Emerson Hart, who was fantastic. He had the same setup as us -- guitar, keys, and drums. And guess who was playing keys for him? David Mead! He is one of my absolutely favorite songwriters, and is a really talented musician. Check out his music. He writes the most beautiful melodies, that still manage to be catchy.

Anyway, it was a nice surprise to see him. We shared a bill in Louisville about two years ago, so it was funny for us to be on the same bill again tonight -- only this time, both as sidemen.

Emerson put on an excellent show. I had never heard him before. Yes, I know, he was in a huge band once. But I pretty much missed all of 1995-2000 in rock music history because I was doing homework. Lame excuse, I know, but it’s the truth.

Another bizarre coincidence was seeing that Emerson’s tour manager, was the same awesome tour manager for 7Mary3. Are you beginning to notice how small the music industry is?

I think tour managers have the most insanely difficult job in the industry, and I would NEVER want their job. Somehow J makes it look easy. Impressive.

And in other news, Peter is probably going to go back out on the road with 7Mary3 in the coming months, and I am EXTREMELY sad that I can’t go with him because of local shows I booked months ago. Sad sad sad. See me? I’m crying.

This is my official recommendation to you all: go buy the new 7Mary3 record. I don’t care what you think you know about the band; go buy their new record. It is fan-freakin-tastic. I’m including this video of me playing accordion with them, which i’ve posted on here before, but, dammit, you should listen to this song...

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