Sunday, March 16, 2008

Haberdasheries, Martinis, and Friends

I’ve got two songs from my new record up on my page for your previewing enjoyment.

My trip is coming to an end. I’m writing this while chilling with Lyzz and Josh, sipping on a martini made with Dripping Springs vodka (made in Dripping Springs, outside of Austin).

I’ve got to get up crazy early, so I’m heading to bed soon. But I wanted to give a final blog from the fine city of Austin, Texas.

A recent highlight was the trip to the haberdashery, where my friend Spider purchased a $120 top hat. I have a bad habit of convincing my radio conference friends that they need to buy fabulous wardrobe additions (see November 2007 blog: Michael and the Magic Shirt). Spider did not need much convincing, as he was already wearing a tuxedo jacket with his jeans and Converse.

But the Top Hat was every bit as magical as Michael’s magic shirt. And as we discovered, if your mission is to get girls to talk to you, then a Top Hat is better than a puppy. Girls were stopping to have their picture taken with him. If his name wasn’t already "Spider," I would be calling him "Top Hat."

Today, I hung out with Lyzz and family during the afternoon. I bought an Agave plant, which I’m going to try to grow in my front yard, along with the wormwood and tobacco. I like bizarre plants.

Then we saw Guy Forsyth, who happens to be Lyzz’s brother. He also happens to be a kick-ass performer. Plus, he plays the saw too. Fantastic. We need to get Guy up to Louisville sometime.

27: Number of text messages from my parents in the first day of my road trip, to see if I was alive.
27: Number of times I had to remind myself that they text because they love me.
10: Number of years it has been since I lived with my parents.
2: Number of times I was served bourbon and Coke when I ordered bourbon and coke. FYI, it was the most disgusting bourbon ever. So bad that I switched to Crown Royal to make up for the nastiness. And yes, I know that Crown is a Canadian blend. But it’s soooo smooth.
7: Number of times I received Jack and Coke when ordering bourbon and coke.
7: Number of times I secretly enjoyed the Jack and Coke.
1032: Number of tortilla chips I feel like I ingested this week.
1032: Number of miles I have left to drive home tomorrow.
1032: Number of cities I can’t wait to visit. Is yours one of them? Please let me know if you want me to come play your town. I love being on the road, and I’m booking a tour now. I cannot wait to come sing for you, whereever you are.

Seriously though, I am so glad I came here. Visiting with Lyzz was wonderful. It was excellent just to relax in her beautiful home, even when Home Depot demolished her kitchen this week to replace the countertops. She’s one of those friends I know I’ll always have. And we can go months without talking, or years without seeing each other, and after a brief squeal, it’s like time hasn’t passed at all. Thanks for a great week, Lyzzie. Tell Josh I’m going to kick his ass in Accordion Hero next time I’m down here.

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