Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zombies and Why I Would Never Survive the End of the World

Zombies and Why I Would Never Survive the End of the World
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Jason and Patrick at JR's Vovo fixed my brake lights in about 15 minutes. It was some sort of part that starts with an "A" and isn't the brake lightswitch. I think the name was "Aggresive" or "Assertive" or "Appendix." I have no idea because I am NOT mechanically inclined.

This really bothers me.

I think I am a talented person. I can do things. I can yodel. I can play the accordion and the piano at the same time. I can bake killer desserts. I can do my taxes. I can draw and paint pretty well. I can write HTML. I understand that leaving the stove on, even "just on low," while you run to the grocery, is a bad idea (Rachel). I can remember birthdays of people I went to third grade with. I have a thing for memorizing area codes. I can type 120+ words per minute.

But tell me, what practical use are ANY of these skills at the end of the world?

On Peter Searcy's tour bus, i developed a fondness for zombie movies. Peter and I listened to the World War Z Podcast and discussed various tactics for surviving a zombie attack. We wondered if we would survive. I have no doubt that Peter would be the hero of the movie/armageddon, battling zombies and resourcefully figuring out ways to maintain electricity and running water. I mean, the last time I talked to him, he was laying hardwood flooring. He has skills!

Me, however? I would be a total drag. I would be that annoying girl in the movie who can't even fix her brake lights. I hope the zombies don't come. They would eat my brains first. Oh wait, zombies don't eat brains. What do they do? See, I can't even figure out how zombies work.

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