Monday, October 22, 2007

why i love people who love music

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A friend invited me to a party in Nashville on Saturday night. It was an unexpected invitation -- an Oktoberfest Party in East Nashville -- at the home of some folks i didn't know. But, being an accordion player, I was adding to the party theme.

I would love to go into extreme detail, but i'm not sure i could do it justice. Here are the basics.

Just know that there was a sound system set up on the front porch ... Peter Cooper played first, followed by Four-time Grammy nominee Lynnmarie, the Polka Queen, followed by Brigid Kaelin (ME!!!!!!), followed by ... Cowboy Jack Clement whose drummer for the night was WS "Fluke" Holland, aka the only drummer Johnny Cash ever played with. Cowboy Jack is a legendary producer/songwriter (he discovered Jerry Lee Lewis, was a producer/engineer for Sun Records, i could go on.. read the Wiki entry)
And i played musical saw with Cowboy Jack. And he liked it:)
I also ate enough cheese to last me years. Then a bunch of us sat around the back porch and sang songs and played music for a few hours.
I forgot why i loved Nashville so much.
It's all about the music.

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