Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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I'm sitting in the tour van in downtown Birmingham. We left Louisville last night around 8:00, arrived in Atlanta at 3:00am, woke up at 6:20am to play/sing on Atlanta's top-rated morning show: Good Day Atlanta. Check out the performance here.
There's a great interview with Peter and we rock out on "I Believe."

We took a nap, and met up with a friend for some chips-n-salsa. Apparently, Peter shares my obsession with these two divine foods.

Peter and i watched part of the original "Dawn of the Dead," while Steven drove us to Birmingham. Then i napped until Peter mentioned we were passing by Talladega. We talked about our own personal Baby Jesus and drove like Ricky Bobby.

Now seems to the point where we have arrived at the club, and have gone our separate ways briefly, without mentioning the fact that we each seem to want to be alone for a few minutes. Nice when you don't have to explain that.

Back to Atlanta tonight for a big show there tomorrow.

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