Sunday, September 9, 2007

John Prine

John Prine
So John Prine did not respond to my offer of free accordion accompaniment at his Louisville show tonight, but John, if you're reading, I forgive you. Because tonight's show was absolutely fantastic.

Of course, this could be because I was sitting in the third row of the orchestra pit, with not a chair, nor hair standing between me and John Prine. Rows A & B were two separate aisles, but row C, where i was, was a long row, and i was right in the middle. I could see every wrinkle on the face and scar on the neck.

But the best part was when, after singing, "She's My Everything," John Prine stepped out into shadows in front of the spotlight ... rocked out a bit at the electric guitar ... looked straight at me (i was smiling as wide as i ever have, out of pure joy of being exactly where i was), acknowledged me with a nod and a smile, to which i replied with a nod and a smile and i think i blew him a kiss, and he cocked his head back and nodded again ... and the woman two seats over looked at me and said "brigid, that was you!! he was looking at you!!" .. and i said, "i know!!"

It was a wonderful concert. I think most of you were there.

Jason Wilber's guitar solo on "Far From Me" had me in tears. Check out Jason's songs, if you get a chance. He's a great writer on his own.

The Highlands Fest was fun. I just love playing live shows. to bed, to bed

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