Monday, August 27, 2007


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I just read a funny article in the New York Times about life goals. Apparently, there are people out there who make lists -- actually lists -- of things they want to do before they die.

I've read about the power of visualization and list-making. I always make lists, but they usually involve more banal things. It's the ordinary that i have trouble remembering.

I have no problem remembering that I'd like to get to Europe before Christmas. But the fact that my driver's license expired last week, and I can't seem to get down to 7th & Main for a renewal is a real challenge. THAT is the kind of thing i need to put on a list.

I was looking around, a website where members join and post their life goals, and can see who else shares their dreams, communicate with them, and see a daily reminder of what they are NOT accomplishing. Rather than make a goal of things i want to do, i decided that I've already done a lot of the things on other people's lists. And since half the fun of making a list, is getting to check things OFF the list, i'm doing some retro-fitting here.

Things on other people's lists, that I have already done, and should therefore feel empowered, or satisfied, or maybe just sing "nanny-nanny-boo-boo/get-your-act-together-and-do-this-too".

Learn to play the accordion. (check!)
Climb Mount Fuji. (check!)
Pull a prank involving a lawn gnome. (check!)
Own a unicycle. (check!)
Weigh 110 pounds. (check! Okay, so this was probably only for a week, when i was 11, but whatever.) (check!)
Interview Susan Lucci. (check!)
Produce a television show. (check!)
Be on a television show. (check!)
Record an album. (check!)
Fly first class. (check!)
Meet a celebrity. (check, check, and check! The TV producer thing helped with that.)
Live in New York City. (check!)
Learn Spanish. (check!)
Start a French club. (cheque!)
Own a dog. Teach it cool tricks. (check!)
See the Northern Lights in Iceland. (check!)
Grow tobacco. (check!)
Try out for Jeopardy. (check!)
Tell my friends and parents I love them. (check!) Consider yourself told.

So my suggestion -- and who knows why you should be taking advice from me -- is to make a list of things you've already accomplished, before you set off to make a list of things yet-to-come. It's a lot more satisfying to see what you've already done with your life than to wish you'd done more.

But now that i've seen i've been busy lately ... here's what i want to do soon. I'm not setting deadlines though, because, well, i graduated from college and i'm no longer a journalist. So no more deadlines. Just anticipation...

Europe soon.
New CD.
Record label(s).
More good friends, scattered around the globe.
Finish my basement.
Lunch. I'm hungry.

New driver's license .... isn't there a grace period?

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