Tuesday, May 15, 2007

music, music, music

Music music music
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Satiating my insane urge to play music, I have played with someone or some band pretty much every night since March. The late nights at clubs and the sugar in the Crown Royal are working on my sanity and my belt buckle, but I refuse to be defeated. I'm having too much fun.

Some favorite recent musical adventures:

Playing musical saw with Steve Cooley, Larry Raley et al, on Monday nights
Singing old-school country duets with Mr. Raley
Fronting an all-star rock band that included Peter Searcy as my bass player and danny flanigan as my guitarist. And having a crowd there to appreciate it ... thank you all for coming!
Running into friends old and new and playing at Air Devils until 5 am for no one but ourselves.
Impromptu mandolin and fiddle sessions (although i am terrible at each) with JLP on the deck.
Playing accordion with Love Jones at their annual pre-Derby show.
Rehearsing with Peter Searcy's band for his rockin' CD release. (yes, i'm actually enjoying rehearsals. Very unlike me, i know.)
Being randomly called up onstage to play keyboards with Tim Krekel's band at the Willow Park concert. John Mann, your keyboard rules.
Dancing to Johnny Berry music until 4 am on Derby night.

There are many more, but those are some recent highlights. And i'm hoping to have one of these lists every month, so bring on the funk. (And I suspect i'll have some good ol' funk added to next month's list after the June 2 show. Maceo Parker is playing with us... and other bigger names are rumored to be dropping by...)

Now... Nashville ... i miss you. It's been two months. But i'm coming to see you on Saturday.
My good friend John Mann will be playing at the Bluebird Cafe on Saturday, and I am taking that as a good excuse to get out of town. My Tennessee garden needs tending. If you're in Nashville on Saturday, drop me a line.

And if you're in Louisville, Friday night is the Gram Parsons Tribute Show at the Pour Haus. I'm singing TBA Gram Parsons tunes... and general Emmylou Harris parts. And Sunday afternoon, my fabulous chorus has their Spring Choral Concert at Mercy Academy on Broadway. I'm just accompanying, but these girls have worked hard all semester to sing sing sing. Come out and have tea with us. 3:00. Free.

I'm also absolutely ready to make my next record. Any requests? I really just want to record two of my favorite new songs ... "Sunday Afternoon" and "You Make Me Wanna Go to Church." I played the church one last night, and someone called it "Brigid-to-the-max." Rock.

And completely unrelated -- go see the baby elephant at the Louisville zoo. I went on Sunday and watched it frolic for about 40 minutes. Ridiculously cute.

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