Sunday, December 31, 2017

Don't Let a Day Go By.

2017! What a crazy year. Can I tell you how I'd mentally prepared for this to be the absolute worst year? And it's not like it was amazing, but MY MOM IS STILL ALIVE! (Hi, Mom, this must be weird for you to be reading. Sorry. But I'm glad you're here!)

We spent this year how people should spend every year -- savoring every minute and always telling people you love them.

Here's one of my favorite Peter Searcy songs -- and #funfact: he and I recorded this in the same studio in LA where Michael Jackson made THRILLER. It's just acoustic guitar and piano, with classic Searcy vocals and classic Kaelin harmonies.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

UK TOUR DATES announced!!

Come see us? We are a fun duo. Video below to learn a bit more about the new album and who we are...

I've got a proper press release for UK media, but if you're reading this abroad and you have a friend in the media, newspapers, blog, podcast, radio show, music promoter, music fan, or anyone else who might enjoy a fun show that's smart and sassy and a little bluegrassy, then please connect us! Indie artists like me can't afford the fancy publicists and management that other Europe-touring musicians I know have -- they've just got access to resources that we don't, and it makes a big difference in their reach. I happen to know that we are just as talented (and honestly, Steve Cooley is more talented than anyone put together). Even just a friend with a blog who posts a wee bit about our show is a huge help to getting bums in the seats. SEE YOU SOON!!!