Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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Okay, enough music, now let's talk about my mental health because it's not a blog if it's not oversharing, right?

So many people have sent the most beautiful, caring messages asking how I am doing. Apparently my overt honesty about the trials of motherhood and PPD touched a lot of hearts last time round, and that [over]sharing has made people worried. Thank you!

I'm actually doing well this time around. I've had plenty of overwhelmed moments and a few tears at 4am, but nothing like my first venture into motherhood.

I'm working on a blog post about the various things I've done to ward off the PPD, which I hope to post this week. Who knows if any of them is actually the reason I feel better -- it's all chemical, isn't it? -- but perhaps the combination of doing all the things I can to avoid it is actually working.

I still wish I had more time to clear my head enough to write. I wish I had energy and motivation. I'm tired all the time. So tired. I daydream about Scotland constantly. When I lucid dream, I go there -- usually on a magic carpet -- and wander the cobblestones before flying that same magic carpet over the sea to Skye. I make lists -- so many lists -- in my journal, prioritizing things and not getting them done. This morning between 1:44am and 4:15am, I berated myself for not having finished my new album yet. Then I get sad. Then I tell myself I've had a lot going on, and it's perfectly okay, and that maybe, just maybe, a few music supporters like yourselves out there have not entirely forgotten me ... will support me, will help promote to your friends, will come to live shows, will help me make music videos or share videos with your friends, and maybe my career is not dead as most people warned me it would be if I had a second child, right?

Anyway, I get sad. But I am not in a pit of despair. I think it will work itself out.

Now, must get some rest and pin down that pedal steel and fiddle player to FINISH THIS RECORD! Anyone want to be my booking agent? I'm going to find a way to tour so hard when this album is finished!

Cute baby for the win: