RIP Guinness 2003-2013.

Show on Friday!

NYC, Santaland, and lots of bagels.

The Sound of Music Day!

Happy Hanukkah, y'all!

Toothpaste and marital advice.

Best cookie ever.

Smalltime adventures and how pretty is my baby?

Falling down the stairs and magical reflex therapy.

Seven interesting things about me.

Grieving for a friend. Nick Keir 1953-2013.

A new normal.

What should I be listening to?

Our kid eats weird, which is completely normal. And other baby-led weaning stories.

The Random Act.

Some very revealing information.

It's a musical weekend.

Halloween traditions in Scotland.

Some entertaining and useful links.

Screen time and missing it all.

It took me thirteen months to get here.

Back in my own bed.

Craft stuff I will never do, and every day is costume day.

A change in the weather and so much music.

Postnatal care in the UK: clarifications on home visits, plus more details.

Birth in the UK: Postnatal care. Home Visits!

Daydreaming of the perfect Parisian breakfast.

Great gift idea for new parents.

A lot of public appearances (and a few private ones).

A rant, a whinge, a new album. Well, 2 out of 3.

Autumn, missing Scotland, and Downton Abbey 4.

Louisville Music Awards Tonight

The Rhythm of Reading (and who killed Lula??)

Exhaling deeply: Guilt Revisited.

Wherein I buy a $24 candle.

Fancy bus apps and economics.

Freak of the Mommy Groups.

The Ceremony of a Croissant.

A mental break. And a castle for good measure.

New year, new beginnings.

Pinterest Parties, Motherhood, and some cute pictures.

Busy busy weekend & Headliners setlist.