Derby Week: Thursday. Revealing my secret Derby plans

Derby Week: wednesday Truck Power!

Derby Week: Tuesday .. Pie and Rain

Derby Week: Monday

Sunday Review (4.26)

Racing and Blogging and Sign Holding.

Cardboard Cakes and Elton John.

Dirty yoga.

Cryin' over material things.

Book-It-for-Grownups!™: Rules and Regulations

Sunday Review, except on Monday (4.20)

I was a Thunder Scrooge.

Top 5 (and maybe more) Sunnier Happier Day Records

Top 5 Rainy Cloudy Introspective Day Albums


Taxes: Filed.

Where do you get your protein? A PSA.

Sunday Revew (4.12)

Wherein Brigid gets mad over matzoh ball soup.

My Baseball Blog.

Shiny new staplers and hole punches.

Caffeine, I told you it was over, now please leave me alone.

A Proper Cream Tea in the Midwest/South

Passive Agressive Notes, Blogs, and Facebook Statuses

Sunday Review (4.5)

I love a good cabaret.

Brigid Appleseed.

Good Grammar is Sexy

Tombstone and promises made by men.