Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Louisville and then some

Louisville and then some.
Current mood: contemplative
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
Last week, I spent some time on the road with Peter Searcy's band. Yes, I'm "the girl" in the band, but thankfully, I don't play the tambourine. I play the piano and sing occasionally. It's great fun, and it's great to be treated like a musician, not like a girl. Although, i must say ... a hot tour van with 4 boys who have been eating fast food is not always pleasant. I took Dramamine and slept through most of it though. And i also hogged the backseat for my naptime (thanks for not calling me out, guys). But my punishment was a cigarette burn in my armpit, caused by a cigarette flicked aimlessly out the front window, that came around the back window and landed right by my sleeping arm. I love my tour souvenir though. It's scabbing over nicely, and I feel like a real rocker. That, coupled with a dip in the ocean in Isle of Palms, South Carolina ... i could get used to touring.

But then the boys dropped me off at my car in Nashville, where I caught myself actually say: "It's so good to be home, and not on the road anymore." And i was reminded by my new friend Karen, -- whom i met a few weeks ago on a random trip to Nashville -- that Nashville is not actually my home.

Someone asked me yesterday if i was moving to Nashville, and i heard myself say, "Yes." But i have no solid plans or departure date, and i still want to teach my little accordion lessons in Louisville. And i have dates booked in Louisville as far as September. But perhaps my new favorite thing about Louisville is that it is only 2 hours from Nashville.

I don't want to be a star. I don't want to go to Nashville with a guitar in my hand and stars in my eyes. I want to go to play music. I want to play in a bigger playground. I want to be somewhere where music is life.

A lot of my friends don't understand "that whole music thing." To many, i'm just their "Crazy Friend Brigid" who plays a few instruments. And they wonder when I'm going to outgrow it, get over this phase, and move on with my life. I swear to you, someone I met in Louisville a few weeks ago asked me what I did ... i answered, "I'm a musician." And his response was,"Oh, cute." Cute, i ask???! But i have no patience to try to explain it anymore. That's what I love about Nashville. No one looks at you funny or wonders how you're supporting yourself. I've supported myself fine as a musician for 5 years, and to those friends who still think it's a phase I'm going through, i have many things to say .... but then, those who think like that are not reading my blog. So why bother?

And to make decisions even more difficult.. just last week, i got the nicest message from a fan in Louisville who was worried about losing me to Nashville. I had no idea anyone even cared. Sometimes we sensitive artists need a little reassurance, I suppose. It certainly made my day.

On to the "fun shows i have played" section...

The Kush Griffith benefit show was awesome. Check out the lovely photos of me playing piano with Maceo Parker. I hear it sounded good too. Kush was awesome. The crowd was dancing. They even grooved to my songs ... i think the funk is contagious. Maybe that's why they call it funk.

My new Nashville friend, Karen, shared a pass to the CMA concert at LP Field last week, where i got a lovely sampling of country artists. She was kind enough to point out who's who and such ... but really the company was more fun than the concert. I can't get into stadium shows. I wonder if i'd enjoy playing one... my favorite part of performing is connecting with the crowd ... and that seems impossible in a stadium. But who knows ...

Saw an old college friend in Atlanta last week. That was fun. (Hi garrett!)

Anyone want to rent a 3-bedroom house in the highlands? mind if i crash in the basement 2 nights a week?

Oh, I hate decisions.