Thursday, February 8, 2007


Current mood: energetic
Category: Life
Urges urges urges. I am have no idea what my "current mood" is, but i suppose i'll have to choose something before i post this blog.

Excited, anxious, but all in a really good way. I have this maddening urge to play music. Not just to perform -- i do that all the time -- but to PLAY. To sit down with another musician, and sing instant harmonies, play a perfect chord, make the accordion sing, try out a new instrument.

Those of you who know me know that despite being a Leo, and thus not at all minding the spotlight, I am happiest being a sideman. When i get to just sit in with a great musician/writer, like Tim Krekel or John Mann or Peter Searcy, or whatever random musicians happen to be passing through Louisville on a tour and i decide they need an accordion, or someone i really connect with musically and spiritually .... oooh, i can't hide the thrill on my face.

And i've been writing. I can't stop the writing. Does it go together? I haven't finished things, but i've started about 30 songs in the past week. (Actually, this is a familiar pattern in my life, but my life seems to have worked out just fine. My school psychologist friend tells me i'm ADHD, undiagnosed, but to quote her, "it's not a disorder unless it's disruptive." So bring it on, i say. To mildly quote one of my own songs: i want it all. And you thought that song was about being a tart.)

All the writing means that i haven't started recording my next record yet. I was all ready to begin -- had the songs, the studio, the producer, most of the band -- and then i started writing again. And i'm not sure what kind of record to make. I suddenly feel like my current songs are not the best they could be, and i'm going back to the arsenal of 50-75 songs, wondering if any of them are any good. Or not that they aren't good -- but that I can do better. God, i'm such an over-achiever. I thought this was supposed to stop after high school. Hee hee.

I don't mean to sound like i'm worrying or fretting. It's quite the opposite. I'm excited and thrilled and stoked and ready and feel like jumping up and down. And it's not the coffee talking (i'm down to one cup a day, and weening. next week: green tea only!). I also have a new accordion on its way to Louisville. Yee haw!

One more confession, which i made in a previous blog, but which was not really substantiated: I love Nashville. I've been down I-65 twice in the past two weeks, really for nothing in particular, just enjoying the fact that every club has live music at any given hour. Can you imagine walking into Air Devils Inn on a Saturday morning and hearing live music? Also, everyone is incredibly friendly there. Or at least they are once you strike up a conversation first. And, again, if you know me, you know that I am the ultimate: "hi what's your name, do you want to be friends?" kind of girl. I loved going on adventures alone, walking around downtown, exploring, ducking into clubs, making friends at the bars.... i lived in New York for five years, and i never got that thrill. Something about Nashville.

Now i feel like i'm just rambling. Still no intern. I'll also need a new roommate come mid-June, so if anyone mildly normal who doesn't mind Great Danes is looking for a place, let me know. And it would help if you liked unicorns. (but not baby unicorns.)


p.s. like my new pics? the amazing eddie dant, who has yet to join myspace. he needed a model to test out some new lighting thing. i can't wait to see what he does when i actually hire him to take pix.