Wednesday, November 8, 2006

All Over:)

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Apparently, all ten finalists have been notified that they made the show.

Seeing as I have not been notified, I would venture to assume that I did not make the show.

Oh well! At least this means that i can start booking all those shows and mini-tours that i've been avoiding while my life was up in the air.

I've been offered a few house concerts in the region .. anyone interested in hosting one? I love doing that type of event.

And if you don't know Stoney LaRue,c heck out his myspace. He put on an amazing show last night at Phoenix Hill. And his tour bus has cable! someday, someday...

Thursday, November 2, 2006

I know nothing. I swear I'll tell you if I learn something.

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No, I don't know anything.


Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Front Page, Baby

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Best text message of the day:

"U made front page Tennessean." Rec'd 7:41am. From my dad. Who just went downstairs in the hotel to get a newspaper, as he always does when he's out of town.

First of all, I'd like to point out how impressive it is that my almost-62-year-old dad knows how to send a text message. Second, an ACCORDION is on the front page of Nashville's biggest newspaper. And finally, I'M on the front page of Nashville's biggest newspaper.

It's been a fun day.

Jen and I went to the Pancake Pantry this morning, while my parents wandered around downtown Nashville. I suspect they were going up to everyone they saw and telling them about their superstar daughter. They are so proud already, they wouldn't know what to do if I ever actually did make it big.

But back to the pancakes...

I was told to avoid the Pancake Pantry because of long lines, but seeing as it's Thursday, i figured it couldn't be that bad. We didn't have to wait long -- maybe 10 minutes. I spent those 10 minutes telling the other people in line that I was on the front page of the Tennessean.

Both our server and the college kids sitting next to us recommended the Sweet Potato Pancakes. Jen and I were not convinced. When said college kids left, I decided to taste a bite of their pancakes. The sweet potato pancakes were just not that good. So we ordered Sugar and Spice. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So good. Apple sauce, hot maple syrup, and some other delicious cinnamon-esque syrup.

After breakfast, I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and spent way too much time watching video clips of Old-Time favorites. My mom told me that bar regulars used to call my dad "Glen Campbell." Flashing back to a memory of my dad using lots of hairspray -- i can almost see the resemblance.

I also saw Elvis Presley's gold-plated piano. Is that what happens when you have so much money you're not sure what to do? You start gold-plating the TV in the backseat of your Cadilllac? Or your concert grand piano? I hope that never happens. I'd much prefer to just buy plane tickets to Paris at the last minute.

I went back to The Stage about 6:00 to listen to some of tonight's finalists sing. My friend Blue, who lives in Louisville was in Nashville audtioning for TV's original reality show: Jeopardy! Made the callback round, and he goes back tomorrow for more questions..... While at The Stage, I hung out with excellent musicians: Shaun Garth Walker and Marcy Hook. Both have myspace pages, and both were at the Indianapolis tryouts for Nashville Star. And both are clever, fun people. Go be their friends.

But I got antsy at The Stage, and headed over to the Douglas Corner Cafe, on the recommendation of Peter Cooper -- who wrote the FRONT PAGE ARTICLE IN THE TENNESSEAN ... did I mention that? Hee hee...

And I sat down, with my parents, and Jen, and Blue, and Shaun, and i looked to my right and there was Delbert McClinton. And to my right -- Russell Smith. And behind me -- John Prine's bass player, Dave Jaques. And Dave's lovely girlfriend with a beautiful name: Lemesa. And then in walks Shannon Lawson, whom I knew from Louisville, but hadn't seen in years. Now THAT was a night in Nashville. Unbelievable concert. Donnie Fritz and folks from Muscle Shoals. Absolutely awesome. Except, as I told Delbert and Donnie: it was missing an accordion.

Next time, folks, next time.

For those wondering, there's no word until next week about the show. One more night. If you're around Nashville, please drop by THe Stage tomorrow night and say hello. Showtime is 6:00. Admission is free. 18+.

Yee haw!

Here's a link to the Tennessean article:

Nashville Part Two

Nashville Part Two
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I'm tired and ready for bed, but not complaining at all.

I think I love Nashville. Is that allowed?

This morning I got up very early to make myself pretty for the cameras. This involved doing various things to my hair, which were all for naught, because it was raining. But all was well.

I arrived at the Nashville Star office a little after 8, where 18 of the other finalists were arriving one by one for a day of interviews and band rehearsals. It was all very low key, and i spent most of the time trying to remember everyone's names. The rehearsal was unbelievably fast, and, of course, the band played the song perfectly. I sat around for several hours, drinking lots of water, and going to the bathroom even more, until it was time for my interview.

The weirdest part of the interview was being on the other side of the camera. It's been years and years since i interviewed anyone, but it was still strange to have the lights and microphone turned around on me. But fun.

The Stage on Broadway was packed tonight. Lots of people brought their own crowds -- complete with t-shirts. Two fine young ladies from WKU came down bearing Brigid Kaelin t-shirts, which made me smile tremendously. I played fourth.

Check out the Thursday edition of "The Tennessean," which might have some quotes from me.

There's nothing much I can do, so i just plan on enjoying the rest of my time in Nashville, and checking out the other contestants' performances on Thursday and Friday.

I'm tired, and not feeling very coherent. So to bed ... i'll write more or edit tomorrow.