Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Current mood: excited
Category: Life
Last March, I managed to score a free ticket to Elvis Costello at the Ryman Auditorium. I borrowed a car, drove 3 hours south, heard Elvis, Tift, and Emmylou, and turned back for Louisville. That was my only Nashville experience.

So today, I'm seeing Nashville in the sunlight, and I think I like what I see.

Of course, visions can be altered when they come with fresh cookies (warm, and verrrrry chocolatey) hand-delivered by your hotel's bellhop. Do hotels still have bellhops? Is that an antiquated term? Either way, this particular bellhop moonlights as an Elvis impersonator. (Presley, not Costello.) I get the feeling there are a lot of Elvis impersonators in these parts.

Tomorrow at 8am, i report to N* HQ for on-camera interviews, a "brief rehearsal" with the N* House Band, and eventually my performance just after 6:00 at the Stage on Broadway.

From what I hear, there are 20 performers Wednesday night, and I am second. i'm also told that the show is free and open to the 18+ public, but you'll probably have to stand in line (or "online" if you're north of the Mason-Dixon line).

This being my first blog, I'm not sure how often I'll update it. Several people have requested that i blog rather than send individual email updates. We shall see. We shall see.