Monday, March 7, 2016

Adorable things my kid has said lately.

Now that I've let go of the big secret, I feel a little lighter. (Except that literally, of course, I feel much, much heavier these days.) I've been trying to enjoy the last month or two of The Wee Boy being an only child.
Cuddled up on a Sick Day last month.

I know that the majority of the world seems to think that making your child an only child is the worst thing you could do to him -- or spoken in a more positive light, but which I find totally condescending and irritating, a sibling is the best gift you can give him.

Ugh. Sorry, but not everyone loves their siblings. And not all only children are entitled freaks. Also, I happened to absolutely love being an only, and I know I would not have gotten half the opportunities I had as a child (piano lessons, guitar lessons, school trips, university) if I'd had a sibling.

So I'm feeling a wee bit of guilt these days about "de-throning," as someone oddly put it last week, the Wee Boy.

I know it'll be fine, and I know that he'll be happy to have a playmate eventually. Still. He's such a good boy these days, that I just want him to have everything.

Honestly, this 3-year-old is amazing. I am being paid back (with interest) for the fact that he is still not a good sleeper. My friends with 3-year-olds will envy me (much as I envied them their good sleepers), but I don't understand the term "threenager." His tantrums rarely last more than 30-60 seconds, and I honestly don't think he has more than 2-3 a month. It's bizarre how emotionally well-adjusted he is. Truthfully, I have more breakdowns than this kid. We keep being told "just give it a month," but months have come and gone. I think he's just got his daddy's well-adjusted genes...

Anyway, the baby book is too far away for me to make notes about some of the wonderful and hilarious things he has said in the last couple of months, so I'm writing them down for posterity:

"I'm sorry to admit this, but I wiped my hand on the table instead of on the napkin. Sorry, Mom." 
"If Daddy sees me wearing mismatched socks, then he will freak out."
"Mommy, I need to be on your pillow in order to properly cuddle you. But just a little bit is showing. Is that okay?" 
"Mommy, I am sad because I want to talk to you all night long. But I will be asleep soon, so I won't be able to use words." 
Wee Boy: Well, instead of jail, we can teach people how to be better.
Me: Yes, it's called rehabilitation.
Wee Boy: Rehabilitation? Well, bust my buttons! 
"Goodnight, Mommy. I love you. There's no person like you in the whole wide world." 
That last one ... oh my goodness. I'll boast about him more another time (I swear, he can just about read), but for now, I am just trying to enjoy every minute of him saying hilarious and sweet things because I know I'll be a bit distracted in several weeks. Thankfully, I'm always sleep-deprived, so nothing new there.


  1. Can't wait to come through Louisville again and see you guys! Or whenever you feel like you can handle it, you all need to come see us.
    Everything is good, Brigid. Take a deep breath and enjoy.
    Love you guys!

  2. I had a three year old just like yours, she didn't really go through a terrible two or threenager phase. She is just a good kid - now 9... Anyway, she used to say all the funny things when she was three like, "I want to swim in the sky and eat the moon" but I never remembered to write them down. Well, there is an awesome app that has helped me so much, it's called blinkbuggy. Check it out. It's a baby book on your phone. You can put pictures with quotes and put tags on things so they are easier to find years from now. Also, it's as private as you want it to be.