Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shout-out to others: Some Links I Love

Rather than complaining about how far behind I am in everything (including email, text, basically all forms of communication with everyone I have ever met, not to mention business things AAAAACK!), I am instead going to focus on some links I like today. You know -- direct your attention elsewhere.

Article: "The Secret to Making Your Life a Hundred Times Better"
I could have written this myself. But of course I didn't because I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHERE THE DAYS GO ANYMORE. I loved this though. It's about giving in to little conveniences, like online grocery delivery, but -- and this is the hard part -- not letting the guilt take hold. 

How many earths would it take to sustain lifestyle if everyone on the planet lived like you?
This is one of my very favorite online calculators. Take this test, and try to tell me I'm crazy for not using paper towels.

The Mama's Hip Online Community
Basically, the only sane internet moms' group that I have ever been a part of. It's a paid thing. That keeps away the trolls. Because trolling should be free, you know? Anyway, if you're new to Louisville, or new to parenting in Louisville, and you are tolerant of people different from you, then hop on over.

And now, a selfish link:

The Birdies
"Like" our Facebook page, won't you? Then people will know we're legit. Catch us live on WFPK just past 8:00am Eastern this Friday. Anyway, please like that page ... it seems like it doesn't make a difference, but it's one of those small ways you can support indie artists. You know, since music is free these days and all.

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