Tuesday, September 29, 2015

StitchFix Review #2 - summer tanks and a dress.

Stitchfix! I have been really bad about updating you on my fixes (and about everything on the blog. New Season's resolution: be consistent here). I've gotten three new ones since I last checked in, but one was all the way back in February before my United Kingdom tour. Another was an accidental shipment (or rather, I totally forgot it was coming, and therefore forgot to update my style profile or let my stylist know what I needed). Even though summer technically ended last week, I'm going to review my most recent summer shipment. If you'd like to sign up to try out your own personal stylist, pretty please use this link? I get a credit towards my next fix, and that would make it seem like I make money on my blog. It would also make me happy.

To remind you: I hate shopping. I'm also not really interested in style or the latest trends. I love pretty dresses and cowboy boots. I love bootcut jeans and vintage t-shirts. I don't work in an office, so I don't have to wear business casual (whatever that means). To be honest, 95% of my wardrobe for the past 15 years consists of hand-me-downs (albeit really nice hand-me-downs) or Goodwill finds. I didn't know I liked "boho" until I filled out the style profile and was apparently drawn to that stuff.


I will spoil the blog and tell you straight up that I kept everything. This was on the heels of me returning everything in a previous box, so it's not always a bullseye. I think the key is making sure you give your stylist enough feedback on previous shipments and regularly update your style profile.

For this box I was after some specific pieces, so I made sure to add a note. I decided this was the summer to upgrade my summer wardrobe. I generally rotate 3 sundresses and 3 swimsuits with a few knit tank tops. I asked my stylist to give me some tank tops appropriate for walking in the Kentucky heat that weren't Old Navy knits. This fix arrived on my birthday, so I also asked for something festive.

My stylist sent 3 sleeveless shirts, none of which I would have ever picked up off a rack in a department store. David, my trusty husband and the stylish one of the two of us, loved each of them and insisted I keep them. I wasn't sure, but my husband will be looking at them more than I will.

First was a white collared tank with black polka dots. It had a very rockabilly feel, and the knot in front was actually cute and not loud at all like I was expecting. Who knew?

Next up was a multi-colored but mainly pink tank top that flowed very nicely and had a super cute zipper in the back, not to mention blue ribbons for straps. I liked this one because I don't have to wear a bra with it, but it still seems a step or two up from my usual go-to-tanks. I paired this (I learned to use the phrase "paired with" from my stylist's postcard, which, by the way, always has too many exclamation points) with nice jeans and a necklace, and I looked like I was actually put-together.

The next shirt was another multicolored tank. I loved the turquoise straps, and David just thought it looked great. "Yep, keep it."(I'm pretty sure he was actually interested rather than just trying to get the Fashion Show over with.)

Another specific request was a "loose-fitting summer dress a step up from my usual knit strapless sundress." We walk everywhere, so I needed something that I wouldn't sweat through by the end of the block. I believe David's comment upon seeing this was, "Buy one of those in every color." It is super flattering, has nice detail, nice enough to wear to a cocktail party, but somehow unbelievably comfortable.

The fifth item surprised me: it was a purse. I recently unchecked the "don't send me handbags" option, but had forgotten I'd done it. For most of the last 37 years, I've carried a Crown Royal bag with my wallet in it. I've really been trying to get into purses since the Wee Boy was born and, you know, act like a grown up and say "paired with" and stuff. This bag is a nice addition. The color is bright enough for summer, but warm enough for autumn. I love the secret compartment on the flap -- perfect size for my Kindle or Moleskin. Purses aren't something I ever think about when I'm shopping, so it was really nice that someone else chose it for me. It was more than I would have paid (though still less than fifty bucks), but I got a 25% discount for buying all five items.

All in all, a great fix. I still love that I would never have chosen any of these items if I were picking clothes off a rack in the store. It's not always a home run, but it's fun, exciting, and totally worth it to not have to bother or waste my time at the mall. I think my favorite part of all is that I never have to hem dresses or pants -- it's in my profile that I'm a shorty.

Anyway, if you're at all interested, give it a shot. There is a $20 styling fee for each box of clothes, but it is credited towards buying the items (so you get the money back if you buy even one item). I swear one of these days I'll post photos of me in the clothes.

Tyra, if you're still reading this, then I still want to challenge you to a local StitchFix box;) I am sure you'd be better than my stylist.

Also: If anyone local to Louisville is reading, Wednesday & Saturday Morning this week means FAMILY MUSIC JAM at Mama's Hip! 1559 Bardstown Road. 10:30am. no signup required. Only $10/family. Best deal in town, and a trained teacher/musician:) 

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