Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer laziness, FitBits, sleeping.

My Fitbit broke back in July, and I have been a lazy bum ever since. It's funny, when I first got it, I had no problem hitting my 10k steps. I mean, we don't have a car in a city where everyone drives. It was easy to run a few errands and BAM! the FitBit buzzes. Oddly, now that my steps aren't counting towards anything (I had already deleted most of my friends and stopped joining challenges because the competitive aspect was annoying), I have become more sedentary. Like, what's the point of walking anywhere, if I'm not going to see those little lights pop up? I have accepted more rides from people than ever -- I used to always say, "No, thanks." It's really getting bad, friends.

Clearly, I've got my priorities mixed up.

It also may be time to replace the broken FitBit. I know their customer service is good and all, but this was a gift, and I have no receipt/proof, etc. So oh well. We shall see.

It's been pretty nice to take some naps though.

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