Monday, August 31, 2015

More ranting about mothers/artists and some upcoming gigs.

After Friday's rant about the music business, I spent the weekend pretending like I was on vacation. I believe the proper term is "staycation," but it's one of the few wordplays that annoys me. Except when I sing it to the tune of that GoGo's song. I am an enigma.

Anyway, a couple of more thoughts I didn't go into:
   1. It irks me to no end that the woman who asked the question about Amanda Palmer crowdfunding her baby, also said:

When you have this baby, either him/her/it will suffer, or your career will suffer. 
Agonizing, cruel and unbelievable to point this out when it's pretty much the fear of EVERY WORKING MOTHER!

  2. This woman who penned the letter also wrote:

And most of the new songs you’ve released lately are the simplistic, feel good, ukulele tunes. Which are fine. But I know that those songs take less time and effort to write, and they offer much less brain-heart stimulation than your older work. 
I have a massive issue with this just being, well, wrong. Again, I don't know Amanda Palmer's music, but I would suggest that, in general, it is way easier to write an average depressing, heartbreak-y song than it is to write a genuinely good simplistic, feel good song. Any other writers out there agree? Maybe it varies artist-to-artist...

Anyway, just a few things I didn't actually write last week because I was vacillating between fury that a woman would dare ask another woman any of those things and that my own career was doomed and what's the point and I might as well just make a pot of coffee and read 19th century Russian novels all that.

But some upbeat stuff because what good is being an artists if you can't have manic mood swings?

Tuesday September 8: I'm singing an In-the-Round at Clifton's Pizza with Danny Flanigan 8:00-10:00. It's free, though tips are beyond appreciated, and it's family-friendly.

September 16-20: I'll be down in Nashville for the Americana Music Association Conference. Ah, I used to play a showcase there, but I'm a bit irrelevant these days because my career has suffered because I had a baby. Instead, I'll be there trying to figure out what's going on in the music industry and catching as many live music acts as possible. I'm putting it out there on the blog that I'm actually going to Nashville so as to prove that I'm not canceling the trip. Last year I couldn't get child care, and I had to cancel at the last minute. THIS YEAR IT'S ON, even though it means missing my child's 3rd birthday which pretty much makes me the worst mother in the world. SEE WHAT I MEAN??? CAREER OR CHILD??? AAAAAAAAAACK... anyway...

Saturday, September 26: I'm playing a solo set (well, Peter Searcy will be joining me on the cello) at the NuLuFest. Catch me from 3:00-3:35.

Saturday, October 11: I'm playing a full band set (featuring Peter Searcy, Dennis Ledford and Donnie Arbuckle) at the Belknap Fall Festival, which is my favorite festival. I'm going to try to teach the guys as many songs from the new album as possible to give you a preview. (No the album is not out yet because I'm still trying to figure out how to pay for it.)

I've also got several bookings for The Birdies, my 1940s-style trio, that I'll announce when publicity allows. We're already booked for three holiday events, so think about us for yours. We can perform without a band (singing to backing tracks) if you don't have the space for a full band in your venue.

Also! Signup 4-week parent/child music class at Mama's Hip series starting this Wednesday. We are making it a signup class so it doesn't get too crowded. But I need two more families to sign up to reach the minimum class size:)

Anyway, this morphed into business rather quickly. Please come out and say hello at one of my shows though -- I miss my friends!

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