Thursday, May 14, 2015

Anniversaries of weddings and albums and whinges and spastic mood shifts!

A wee break from food-meal-plan blogging to discuss two anniversaries. First, my amazing parents celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary yesterday. FORTY-THREE YEARS! (In case you are wondering, the appropriate gift for 43 is "travel.) 

Also, my most recent full-length album, West 28th Street, celebrated its SEVENTH anniversary yesterday. That means it's in the 2nd grade, is reading chapter books, and is already looking at colleges. 

I'm a little depressed by that number.

Sure, I've released a few novelty singles and some Euro-only/import-only EPs (which sounds very fancy, but is actually just a publicity trick and a reason to only print 100-200 CDs and not launch a massive PR campaign because I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED THE ACTUAL FULL-LENGTH ALBUM BECAUSE WHAT IS THE POINT WHEN IT'S JUST A VERY EXPENSIVE BUSINESS CARD AND ...)


Deep breaths.

Seriously though, every time I attempt to make a record, something ridiculous happens. Like, my drummer decides he's giving up music all together and "taking up surfing." (That is not a joke.) Or I finally get everyone together, and then the studio gets a last-minute-call-from-a-celebrity-with-a-trump-card and has to cancel. 

SEGUE TO I'M NOW SUDDENLY IN A GOOD MOOD because someone at Heine Brothers just recognized me for my music and asked me all about playing with Elvis Costello and then someone else asked me when my next album is coming out and so now I shall stop fussing with this silly blog and book studio time and maybe even find a non-insane-drummer who also happens to understand and vibe with my completely insane music. 

Here's a photo of yet another really crazy way to spell my name.

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