Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Updates: I'm in Kentucky. And I have an eReader again.

It occurs to me that several of you think I am in still in Scotland. I am not. I did just do a two-week tour over there, but I am back in Louisville, Kentucky, where I've been living for over two years now. Crazy, right? And it totally explains why I don't gig as often as I used to -- club owners think I'm gone.
Whitby Abbey. Whitby, England.

Now that you know, let the booking emails pour in, okay? I feel like singing again.

I have a zillion tour blogs to write -- Diana and I had so much fun touring together. She was a driving champ, and I was not as annoying as I could have been. We saw castles, toured historic buildings, walked miles and miles, bought a hundred presents for the Wee Boy and sang pretty well too.

I slept in a bed by myself for two weeks straight. Only the sun woke me up. Even my Fitbit will tell you that I got twice as much sleep as usual -- I averaged 6 hours of deep sleep those weeks!!

I also got to read for pleasure -- and that I owe to a ridiculous kind and generous blog reader, who shall remain anonymous. Thank you. Thank you so much. I took my new e-reader on the road, and it held novels, guide books, dictionaries, and my tour-reading-favorite: The Time Travelers Guide to Elizabethan England, which amused me through many a small town.

I love my Kindle. A bit too much. Thank you!!!

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