Monday, March 30, 2015

Dream roles and some Jesus Christ Superstar action.

Little secret: I was a child actor. I did my first national commercial at age 5 -- for a swanky GE product called a microwave oven. The commercial hasn't resurfaced on YouTube, so you'll have to just trust me on this one. Anyway, I did a lot of commercial work and eventually morphed into theatre. Considering the trajectory of most actors, mine is kind of backwards. I actually stopped acting when I moved to New York City at age 18.

I loved acting, but I'm not sure I was all that good at it to be honest. I much prefer playing myself, singing my own songs, and creating my own show on my own stage ... hence, my band.

But there are days now when I get super envious of friends who are in theatre shows all the time. I haven't auditioned for anything since I was a teenager, but I daydream of playing roles.

I am using my alias "Bridget" Kaelin this weekend, so as
to keep the crowds at a minimum.
This weekend, I get to sing 1-2 of Mary Magdalene's songs in Ray Rizzo's bring-us-all-together version of Jesus Christ Superstar. I've been talking with various musicians for at least ten years, but musicians are hard to wrangle ... and I haven't had the time. So big kudos to Ray for organizing the lot of us, and THANK YOU for asking me to be involved!

For an a-religious person like me, it seems weird for Mary Mag to be a dream role -- but those songs! Those melodies and lilting drums ... oh, how I've wanted to sing these songs for years. I've done "I Don't Know How to Love Him" with my band as long as I've had a band (Cheyenne Mize will be singing that one this weekend), but it's just not the same thing.

There are a few tickets left if anyone wants them:

Tickets for April 3:
Tickets for April 4:

Just to throw it out into the Universe ... my other dream roles are:
Guinevere - Camelot (i know, most people hate this show, but i ADORE it!)
Maria - Sound of Music
I was Dorothy when I was 13, so check that one off the list.
Adelaide - Guys and Dolls

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