Monday, January 26, 2015

UK Tour Dates Announcement - Brigid w/ Diana de Cabarrus.

Our Burns Supper with a few friends was magnificent fun, and I woke up this morning thinking how excited I am to get back to the United Kingdom in T-minus four weeks! I'll be touring with the one and only Diana de Cabarrus (amazing name), who is a splendiloquent performer, guitarist, cellist, singer, string-instrument-player, and all-round nice person.

Today I bring you our tour dates:

That means shows in Filey, Whitby, Bournemouth, Bristol, London, Perth, and Edinburgh. We have potential shows on the 4th and 5th, but they aren't confirmed yet ... and I'm contemplating leaving those dates blank instead and hitting every castle possible on the drive from London to Perth (it's a looooooong drive).

If there is a house concert in your area, please contact me for details that I can message you privately. House Concerts are my absolute favorite shows to play, but because they are people's private homes, one mustn't publicize names or addresses. Happy to share them with you if you are interested in attending though. Just shoot me or Diana a message, and we will fill you in.

Cheerio, my friends! I'm off to make a cuppa. Mmmmmm.

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