Friday, January 9, 2015

My swanky new jewelry box.

I'm thirty-six years old, and this is what my jewelry box looks like:

Some of you are shuddering, but some of you are nodding in agreement. YOU ARE ALL GOOD PEOPLE.  

Yes, that's a New Balance shoe box (They are the only brand of shoe that makes EEEE-width sneakers. I basically have square feet.) Check out the many compartments that come in the shoe box. That red mesh one I got from a Delta Business Class flight. Once perfect for eyeshades and comfy transatlantic socks; now perfect for three mismatched earrings and two necklaces tied around a headband. But none of it is valuable, so no harm done, right?

As you might imagine, I rarely wear accessories. It's kind of not worth the battle of untangling and searching.

For Hanukkah this year, however, my husband bought himself me a present. A real jewelry storage thingamajig! I wanted something that didn't take up floor space or real estate on my dresser (our house is from the 1920s, so it's small and mostly closet-less), and my husband wanted something that didn't make him scream with OCD-discomfort at the sight of me trying to find a bracelet.

Anyway, it's super cool, and the Wee Boy and I spent about thirty minutes untangling and organizing a few nights ago. Check it out! Also, I have bejeweled myself several days this week, which makes it look like I'm making an effort. The Wee Boy reeeeeeeeeally loves all my sparklies though, so I think I now need to find a childlock.

I want to find a link to it and post for you, but I don't want to know how much David spent. So just do some googling if you need one yourself.

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