Monday, January 12, 2015

External validation, dancing shoes, and video of "Kentucky Waltz"

I played a full band show last night and SO MANY OF YOU WERE THERE! Seriously, I counted at least fifty people from the crowd who were straight from my mailing list -- people who rarely come out to shows, but who were there grinning and being kind and telling me they read my weepy blogs about my long-lost-career and "chin up, guv'nah" and dancing and clapping and laughing at my silly jokes and high-fiving me after.

I had no idea how much external validation would mean to me, but let me tell you. Especially when even people in my own band were saying things, like, "I just hope people will come out to a show that starts at 8:30." But you were there! And you even thanked me for starting on time (well, 10 minutes late, but that's because soundcheck was, like, an hour behind schedule).

Anyway, it was a swoonsome evening, and I had fun. I danced and wore a sparkly sweater that made me feel and act a little more Vegas than usual.

Alex Wright's band was fantastic, as always. Appalatin was groovelicious, though I admit, I had to leave about 30 minutes into their set, which is totally not cool in the world of band-etiquette. I'm sorry for that. Truthfully it was because they didn't start playing until 11:27pm, and I had a babysitter to sort out. I kind of think band-etiquette is a little different once you have to pay a babysitter -- like, I didn't want to make negative money that night -- but maybe I'm just making excuses.

Here's a video of the band playing "Kentucky Waltz" at Friday's show. Check out Jim James on the drums. (I kid, I kid ... or do I???) I have a few other videos to upload too, but it takes forever and I've got a sick kid today. Enjoy this for now:

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