Monday, December 15, 2014

Playing catchup: Gift Guide, Cloth Napkins, and Potty Training Updates.

I was so pleased with myself for pulling off that YouTube video at the last minute yesterday. And now I'm just a discombobulated mess of To Do Lists. And To Blog Lists. It's clear that I cannot get my act together enough to pull off the fancy Toddler Gift Guide blog that I was working on  ... or the Cloth Napkin Tutorial blog that I was working on ... or the Story of How My Red Accordion Was Misplaced or Pawned or Give Away by a Friend and then the Subject was Basically Ignored Every Time I Asked About It blog that I was working on ... or the Updates on my Kid's Potty Training blog that I was working on...

That brings me to today's blog: merely a List. Not a Listacle because, let's face it, I clearly can't even get my act together enough to pull that off.

Louisville-made Child Baby Carriers

These are SO cute. I wish I hadn't bought a wee Boba back on the wee Boy's 2nd birthday. Love all the fabrics and designs and just so so ridiculous. Amber Wait from Worth the Wait Alterations (she also, like, hems trousers and stuff!) makes them. I know she sold a bunch a the Mama's Hip craft fair this weekend, but check out her Facebook page if you are still looking for a gift for a kiddo who likes dolls. The carriers are $25. Bargain.

Louisville-made puppets

Another local mom, Sarah Walther, makes these adorable felt puppets for only around $6. My wee boy bought the puppy one at a local art fair, and we play with it often.Check out her Etsy shop here.

Lots of other local gift guides, but let's remember: I can't get my act together to complete any list. So you're going to have to settle for TWO suggestions.

Cloth Napkin tutorial:
For months I've been meaning to put together a simple cloth napkin tutorial for you. Instead, just have a photo of some of the cute napkins I've made for our collection.

Other things to discuss:
The Wee Boy is still a grownup when it comes to the potty. In fact his daycare has even stopped putting pullups on him at nap. No, he still hasn't slept through the night (though we have had a few nights of only waking 1-2x lately, which is miraculous), but he has probably pooped in more restaurants than you have. It's underwear-central at our house.

Now if I play my cards right, I might, just MIGHT, have a fun new video for you for Hanukkah tomorrow. I've also got to read 13 more books to complete my Goodread Challenge by the end of the year. And drive 1000 miles on Thursday. And get the house ready for the holiday renters. Egads.

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