Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A wee lass named Brigid!

Here's a picture of my little one. It's not a
newborn baby, but I don't think it's nice to
post pics of other people's babies online.
I'm having one of those days where nothing goes right, and everything is frustrating. But I'm alive and healthy, and I know lots of people aren't. Perspective is important, but then again, sometimes it's just okay to have a grumpy day.

One thing is keeping me smiling, however, and that is the knowledge that there is a little girl in Austin, Texas, who was born on Sunday to two of my favorite people in the entire world. And her name is Brigid. Can you believe that? This brand new, beautiful baby girl is named Brigid. She will have a life of spelling her name out for everyone she meets, but she will also never have to be known as Brigid D. Because there can be only one! I am still in shock, mind-blown, can't fathom, etc, etc. I get to meet this beautiful little lass in less than three weeks, and I can't get to Austin soon enough.

In the spirit of love and all that's good, I wrote this song for my own little baby, and now I give it to you (for free, if you want to download it). It's an unmastered demo, but will eventually be on the new full-length album.


  1. There's a little girl in New York named Kaelin after you! I think she's 7 now.

    1. I was just thinking about her on Sunday when I heard wee Brigid's name! That also blows my mind. I didn't know she was in New York now. Amazing.

    2. I think they'll be moving back to Kentucky soon. We'll have to get you two together when they do!