Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween pics and daydreams of living inside this anthro catalog.

Oh dear sweet eight pound six ounce baby Jesus, the November Anthropologie catalog has an accordion player on the cover and the entire look book is set in the Hebridean Islands, specifically Islay and Jura, and now I want to live inside of it. I want to live in this sweater and this coat, while drinking this whisky. Just look. Just look. Just LOOK:

Anthropologie: Away We Go - Islay & Jura from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

I know, I know, Anthropologie is just Urban Outfitters for women with health insurance, but STILL. I am completely mesmerized and sucked in, and November's catalog is just too much for me to handle.

I must now distract YOU with cute pictures from Halloween before you get sucked in and start buying sweaters (all sweaters are 20% now which makes them almost reasonably priced! look away, look away!):

David and I went to a party as Jess and Nick from "New Girl," which was hilarious to us because we recently binge-watched it on Netflix. No one else knew who we were, however. One person did guess Zooey Deschanel correctly -- I think it was the false eyelashes that clued them in. Most people just didn't recognize me and thought I was a random hipster girl who didn't wear a costume. Anyway, it was easy enough to get a brown wig, and I already have a propensity for Anthropologie dresses and cardigans:

The Wee Boy went as an elephant -- a costume we found in a box of hand-me-downs while digging through looking for a coat. It was pretty much immediately his favorite thing ever. Check out how cute the Scottish elephant wrangler is:

Our amazing neighbor, Rebecca, surprised the Wee Boy with a Dragon costume which he also adored (though you can't tell that from this photo, oops). He wore this costume to the preschool parade. It has a tail. Ridiculous:

I made the mistake of letting the Wee Boy browse Pinterest for jack-o-lantern ideas, and then I had to draw this cat or the world was going to end. Turns out I'm pretty good at drawing cats on pumpkins though, so I was pretty pleased:

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