Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Houseguests galore! What to do about food?

We have a full house this week, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write. Apparently, the PGA is a big deal to a lot of people we know and love. Though I don't care about golf unless I'm in Scotland (and that's only because you can see a castle from St. Andrews, plus that's where Kate and Wills met, so it's, like, of big-time historical significance), having the PGA in Louisville this year means we get a visit from the in-laws AND my best friend in Austin, Texas. It's going to be a packed house, full of Texans, and lots and lots of fun.

I am, however, a bit at a loss for what in the world we do about food. I wanted to have it all mapped out and sorted, so I could divulge the secrets to you, my fair readers. You see, the last time we had a house full of guests for a couple of weeks, we spent, um, let's just say four-figures on dining out at restaurants. It's partly because:
  1. We let ourselves get so hungry that we had no option but to go out.
  2. We have a bad/good habit of picking up the check at the restaurant. (Others did too, but I think we were a bit too eager because we were finally all fully-employed.)
I tried to go to the store to at least make sure we have snacks available, but I'm still afraid for our pocketbooks this week. I'll keep you posted, and I will, I hope, have a thoughtful blog about how to have houseguests without breaking the bank on food. It's challenging because we have vegetarians, meatatarians, a pregnant woman, and more.


In music news, my parent/child music classes have been just so packed and fun-filled lately. Thank you all for coming.

Next week's Family Music Jam at Mama's Hip on Tuesday, August 12 at 9:30 am and again at 10:30am. BUT beginning the following week, we're switching the Music Jam to Wednesday mornings, so please make note if you're a regular. I know some people will probably be upset by the change ... hoping many more people will be excited. I apologize if this messes with your schedule! I teach at a preschool on Tuesday mornings during the schoolyear, however, so it's unavoidable.

Tuesday, August 12th's music jam theme is: TEXAS. Yep. Some of our favorite toddlers are moving to Texas, so I'm planning a bunch of Texas tunes to give them a proper send-off. Any song ideas?

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