Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Funny updates about the wee boy.

Despite being up with the wee boy every 60-90 minutes last night, I had a few hours of sanity this morning. My young cousin came over to play with him for a while, and guess what? I paid some bills, went to the post office, scheduled three appointments, and emptied the dishwasher. Success!

David's been working a lot this week, which I normally don't like, but comes at a time when I am desperate for alone time.

Some funny/exciting updates:
Sunscreen, anyone?
  • Total TMI parent post, but the wee boy peed in the potty this week. We hadn't even begun to talk about potty training, but this little animal went over to baby potty in the closet right before bathtime, sat down, and peed. He then declared "Graham pee-peed potty," and jumped in the bath. I'm not sure what to do now because, well, I haven't read anything about potty-training. I also wonder if this was a weird fluke or what.
  • This morning he woke up bright and early and yelled, "DOUGHNUT TIME! DOUGHNUT TIME!" I'm pretty sure that means my dad is never allowed to babysit again.
  • He got his first set of Legos, and I can tell you firsthand that stepping barefoot on a Duplo™ is more painful than natural childbirth.
  • He is passionate about skincare. You'll rarely find him without a stick of sunscreen, and he very kindly will apply it to your nose if he suspects you are being like my dad and not wearing any.
  • He split open his bottom lip on Derby Day, like probably a lot of people do, although his wasn't alcohol-related. It's healing nicely, but there was so. much. blood.
  • He fell all the time all winter, but his trousers kept him safe. Now that it's shorts weather, his poor poor knees ...
  • He's pretty much the cutest, cuddliest, sweetest boy in the world.

Also, there was such a great response to yesterday's blog about Nextdoor -- as in enough neighbors signed up to our neighborhood page -- that we now have a permanent group there. I've heard almost entirely great feedback about people who already use it, and I can't wait to loan out our ladder so that a neighbor can rescue their kitty. If you want to start a group for your neighborhood, go for it.

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