Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back home in Edinburgh.

Guess what?! I'm still in Scotland. I am so full of blogs for you, but also have been out having so many adventures. The blogs will have to wait until I have a nanny. The wee boy still doesn't sleep through the night, though we did have one random miracle night in Oban after a pint of Haagen-Daz. We haven't had ice cream since then, and we also haven't had much sleep ... Maybe there's a correlation.

I had a really fun gig at the Leith Folk Club this week, filled with good friends and a great crowd. 

Mostly we've been catching up with friends and enjoying the village community that is Edinburgh. It's hard to pin down one thing that is my favorite about this city, but the sense of community is a front-runner. It's a series of small villages, much like New York, with lots of people living in loose quarters (but not like in the Plague, just cozy-like). Maybe it's the magic population density, but it just feels like the best combination of small-town/big-city that you could ever concoct. I've been to a lot of cities, but Edinburgh just has something magical.

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