Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toothpaste and marital advice.

At our wedding, we had little pieces of paper where guests could write advice to us. My favorite, by far, was from Lyzz and Josh who merely had two words: Rocket Toothpaste.

You know the kind. That plastic rocket-shaped bottle/tube that stands up on its own and always returns to form after each use.

Apparently marriage is about compromise, and the toothpaste debate is one of those battles that you can just avoid completely if you buy rocket toothpaste. Genius, right?

Confession: we haven't been buying rocket toothpaste.

We are still totally in love and [I don't think] we are harboring any secret resentment about toothpaste. But I've been carefully trying to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom and replace it just as it was after every use.

When David was out of town for work, however, as he often is these days, I reverted to bachelorette mode: toothpaste freedom! And I discovered something that week that made me re-think the idea of rocket toothpaste.

It's not only very satisfying and a huge timesaver to just grab and squeeze, but it's also ergonomic.

I know most of you are on David's side of this debate, carefully rolling up the bottom of your tubes and gently coaxing the toothpaste to the top. (You all probably also spend two weeks of your lives sorting your socks, but that's another issue.)

But today, I urge you to be adventurous. Go ahead. Grab a fresh bottle of toothpaste, wrap your beautiful hand around the tube, and SQUEEZE. Notice that perfect indention that is left behind -- a mold of your hand so that next time you brush, your hand is completely comfortable, and the paste just glides onto the brush.

Let your hair down, folks.

At least until your husband comes back to town... then maybe splurge and buy the rocket toothpaste.


  1. I'm definitely in David's camp, but John supports your toothpaste freedom whole-heartedly.

    1. It is amazing how so many of my couple friends are on opposite ends of this debate.

  2. Man, I love your blogs. And separate toothpaste is not only an option, but a necessity in our household.

  3. We have separate toothpastes, but I'm with David on this one.