Monday, October 7, 2013

Daydreaming of the perfect Parisian breakfast.

You all know I wouldn't mind going back to Scotland, but this recent government nonsense is strengthening that urge. The rest of the world has been laughing at us for years, but now they are just writing us off as total idiots. If we had EU work visas, we'd be on the next plane.

Instead, I'm daydreaming about European breakfasts. I, like most white women in their thirties, very much enjoy taking pictures of my meals while on vacation. Today I'm missing Paris, of course, but also the Patisserie Florentin, a charming cafe in Edinburgh that served inexpensive and perfect continental breakfasts.

The closest thing I've found in Louisville is Ghyslain, which is delicious and charming and has droolworthy chocolates, but doesn't offer much in the way of vegetarian Euro-breakfasts. I paid $8 for a egg & croissant sandwhich because I didn't want the ham that comes with it.

What I'd really like is what I used to get at Patisserie Florentin: pieces of fresh baguette with butter and jams, various cheeses, a yogurt, and a fancy coffee drink, all for about $6. The ultimate continental breakfast.

Le sigh.

 Perfect menu (for sharing):

A fresh baguette and croissants
Various jams
Freshly squeezed Orange juice
Tea or fancy coffee drinks
Cheese slices: muenster, swiss, and gouda
Drinking chocolate, if you're feeling extra fancy.

Don't be lazy and try to economize your dishes. Get out the tea service, the goblets, the saucers, the butter knife, the cloth napkins, the sugar bowl. It's an experience. Savor it. Every minute.

Ok, now who's coming over for brunch?


  1. You do realize that there is a lovely IKEA couchbed awaiting your arrival, no? ;-) Did I mention I live above a lovely cafe and there are 3 bakeries within 100 meters of my apartment? Get David and the wee boy plane tickets! :-)

  2. Not sure if it's Parisian or not, but I'm going to need some butter to go on my baguette with jam!