Monday, August 26, 2013

What's your favorite family singalong?

People have been asking me when I'm going to come out with a children's album for over a year now. I'm not quite there yet -- I've got several more adult albums in me first (well, not "adult" as in X-rated, but just not songs about farm animals) -- but I am up to something kid-friendly. Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be leading the Family Music Jam at Mama's Hip. It's a drop-in class ($10), and everyone with kiddos is welcome. I really have no idea what to expect as far as the age range, but there will be something for everyone.

I taught a Baby Sing & Swim class this summer, so I'm already in the zone as far as singing with the wee ones. BUT now that I'm not going to be teaching in the water, I've got a bit more freedom as far as instruments and songs go.

What are some of your favorite singalongs? What do your kids like to sing? Any fun songs that involve movement? I've got a list going, but I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Family Music Jam!
10:30 am 
Mama's Hip
1559 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40205 (502)384-8805

If you haven't been to Mama's Hip before, you really should. Owner Shannon Stone has done so much for the community, and it's a really great store/space. No matter your parenting style, it's a great resource.

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