Friday, May 17, 2013

Crickets and roses.

Last night I heard something I hadn't heard in almost two years: crickets. For about five seconds I smiled and though, "Oh, how I have missed those charming sounds!" Then I tried to fall asleep, which was more difficult than sleeping on the second floor in Manhattan with the windows wide open in July because there's no air conditioning (which I have done). So, yeah, it turns out I didn't miss the crickets after all. Apparently, there aren't crickets in Scotland. At least none that invade the cities and keep you up at night. Who knew?

roses roses roses
We did live right across from a swanky cricket club in Edinburgh. They were strangely quiet, however.

Off to prune my rosebush, which I'm pretty sure puts your rosebush to shame. Fighting words to other gardeners, I know, but take it as a challenge! Check these babies out:

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