Thursday, April 4, 2013

We DO have friends!

We've had a rough several weeks over here. I once posted with glee about the time the wee boy went from 10:30-4am without waking. Well, that was a one-off, apparently, and it's been sleepless nights for the most part since then.

Wee Baby Boy currently seeking representation.
He's not earning his keep, but he sure is purty.
Please don't offer me sleep advice. I've already read seven sleep books, from one extreme to the other, and have heard anecdotes galore about what worked for everyone else's baby. I, however, have the most stubborn boy in the world (karma, I'm sure).

Just when David and I had pretty much convinced ourselves that we have no friends (surely our own fault for being terrible at email and unable to return a phone call), we had two people come by and visit us this week. One of them brought a craft project, and the other gave me an unexpected therapy session. It was great fun, and it reminded me how much I do like spending time with my friends.

So yeah ... if we haven't returned your email or phone call (and I'm sure we haven't), it doesn't mean we aren't thinking about you. It means we forgot how to put words together. It means we don't have hands-free headsets for our phones (my new recommendation to new parents), and the baby won't let us put him down. It means when you called us at 8:30pm, we weren't ignoring you. We were already in bed.


  1. You can avenge yourself when he's older and you vacuum at 7:30 in the morning right outside his bedroom door.