Monday, February 4, 2013

Yoga at a Microphone in a Crowded room.

For you, it might be your nightmare. Spotlight. Microphone. An instrument you haven't touched in 18 months. All eyes on you, the very first thing the audience sees and hears of a big, important radio show. But ah, audience, how I have missed you.

Just singing just one song to a 619-seat sold-out theater made me exhale like I haven't in many a moon. Sure, I know most of them weren't there for me. They were there for an NPR show.

But I had forgotten how relaxed and at ease being center stage makes me feel. I had forgotten what it's like to connect to an audience -- to make them smile, laugh, and applaud. To sing loudly and to play a gorgeous Emmylou Gibson guitar that had been exiled to storage (climate controlled, of course) for well over a year.

It's like yoga, times a thousand.

Now, if someone could just please book me a bunch of shows just as fab as Friday's. Lights, stages, audiences that show up on time, sound engineers. Ahhhhh. Somehow amateurs have "managers," so why haven't I ever had one?

I'm on the upswing, friends!


  1. You were wonderful at The Moth GrandSLAM. It's hard to believe that you hadn't played in 1½ years because your performance was seamless and fantastic. I was hoping there'd be more!

    I love knowing that I was part of the audience that helped you feel 1000x better than yoga.

  2. I loved your performance at The Moth. It was fun, witty, and super enjoyable! It definitely made me smile and laugh....if only there would have been a couple more songs!