Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rant about Facebook limitations.

I've hit that watershed that many an artist hits -- the 5000 friend mark on my personal Facebook page. I'm not complaining, as it means that maybe people still remember me despite that I haven't put out a new full-length album in a shameful amount of time. Besides, I know an astonishing about of these people in person and would happily buy most of them a drink (maybe this is why I never have any money).

I do rather wish I'd had the foresight to set up a music "page" sooner, or at least hide my personal profile. A few years back, I gave up on the idea of being able to separate that personal/public space on Facebook though.

You probably don't believe me, but in truth, I have only actually requested to be friends with about ten people a year. But I'm not good enough at declining to be friends with the nice person I met at a Folk Club in Yorkshire or the cool person who posts great comments on my blog and suggesting that they "look for my business page instead." That's just mean. Well, maybe not mean, but it's not the sort of person I am.

Harumph. Anyway, I have many a friend-request sitting in my box, and I can't accept them. I'm sorry if you are one of them. In the mean time, I've got a critical eye for anyone who posts bigoted, myopic images or links in my newsfeed. Maybe I can delete a few meanies to make room for the nicies.

(And yes ... I'm aware I could convert my personal page into a business page and my "friends" into "likes." As Facebook stands right now, however, that means I'd pretty much disappear from most of your newsfeeds. I do use my business page for music-tour related posts, but I can see from the insights that it only reaches 1-10% of my "fans." That seems like a pretty dumb business move.)

In the mean time, if I haven't approved your friend request (I'm sorry!), you can always "like" me at . Even if you don't really like my music, you just like my blog. Maybe I should have set up a separate Blog page. Ugh. Too much to keep track of!

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