Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holiday in Paris. Well, I'm trying to Holiday, anyway...

Greetings from Paris! I know, I know, you hate me, blah blah. But no point in blogging when things are normal and not-super-exciting -- who wants to read about trips to the post office? Not everything is perfect in Le Monde Brigitte (insomnia, fatigue, etc), but it's pretty close.

We've been in Paris since Sunday evening, and I've no complaints yet. Yesterday we were whooshed to the front of the line at Notre Dame when the secuirty guard saw my pregnant belly. After warning me that pregnant women shouldn't climb the towers, he then told me I could go on up without waiting. If it had been hours into the day, I wouldn't have bothered. I had morning energy though, so I went up to visit Quasimodo. Four. Hundred. Stairs. Up. Yeah, eight months ago, that would have been no problem. Today, however, I'm pretty sure someone pushed me off the top of the cathedral, then ran me over with a truck.

But I've only got four more days in Paris, so I'm shaking it off and heading out for croissants. There's a whole city happening out there!

Quick list of yesterday's activities, all on foot, despite our attempt at "taking it easy for a relaxing holiday:"
- Notre Dame
- Elevensies on the Seine (ice cream and panini)
- Total Tourist Highlights of the Louvre (Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Hammurabi's Code, plus a few)
- A siesta in the Tuileries (it was 72 degrees and there were a zillion other lovers taking naps)
- MuseƩ de Orangerie (Monet's Waterlilies plus a bunch of other pretty paintings)
- People-watching at a cafe
- Pommes frites by the Pompidou
- Teaching a bunch of piano lessons on Skype from our AirBnB (yes, while on holiday. oops!)

A few photos to keep you entertained in the office today... I took these, but promise to post some of David's sometime. He's the photographer of the family.

Top of Notre Dame. June 2012. by brigid kaelin

Quasimodo coming out of the Bell Tower at Notre Dame.

Picnickers in the Tuileries. Paris, France. June 2012. by brigid kaelin

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