Friday, June 8, 2012

Haunted Castles and Visitors from Home

We've got more visitors this weekend -- my aunt and uncle! Considering all the people who swore they were coming to Scotland sometime this year, I've been amazed by how few visitors we've actually have (yes, I'm talking about YOU!). It's therefore extra exciting when people do manage to get over to this wee island in the gulf stream.

Having guests in town is also a great excuse to go to Edinburgh Castle again. My friend and trusty tourmate, Dan, sent this link to me last week, in honor of Castle Day 2012. It's a story on the world's 10 Scariest Haunted castles, one of which is Edinburgh Castle. I've never seen a ghost there, but then again, I'm always there in the daytime.

My relatives are on an escorted tour, so I'm sure they will have seen much of the city by the time we're able to meet up. Still, we're looking forward to meeting them at the Castle and dragging them all over this cobblestoned, medieval city, up and down closes (tiny, ancient alleys), through tunnels, in palaces,  But maybe in a taxi this time. My energy levels are low these days ... I wonder why.

haunted castles

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