Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where should we travel next?

The urge to travel is upon me again, except this time there is this bizarre limitation on my ability to flee the country. It has nothing to do with physically being tired. I can rally for a new country, but I can't change the airlines policies on traveling in the third trimester. They vary, of course, but I'm also starting to wonder just how smart it is to wander too far from the land of free health care.

Which gives me just a few weeks to collect a few more countries.

I know it's not the most responsible thing to spend your kid's college education money on a trip to France or Spain, but I'm pretty sure it's something I need to do. I've been obsessively browsing the last minute airfare sites (don't even consider the Chunnel, way too pricey), and I just can't decide. An overnight ferry to Amsterdam? Then rent a car and head to Germany and Switzerland (I've never been). A flight to Paris? (I've been twice, but never with David, and isn't holding hands with your lover a prerequisite to a good weekend in Paris?) Or fly straight to the Spanish coast? (Also, never been.)

I think we'll have to save the Hebrides for later this summer when I'm not allowed to fly.

Where would you go? Any cheap travel sites I may have missed?

In fun internet links, try taking this quiz inspired by the immigrant naturalization test. The questions are beyond easy (sorry to make you nervous in advance), but make sure you pay attention to the percent of Americans who got the answer wrong when asked.


  1. I guess I have to promote my home country a little.. Sweden is pretty nice this time of the year. And with Ryanair it's not too expensive :)

    1. Great idea! We spent a much-too-quick weekend in Stockholm in November. I'd love to go back, especially with all this sunlight.

  2. I lived on the Canary Islands for a year (Tenerife) and it is amazing. It caters to a lot of tourists, and I bet you can get a good price on a place on airBnB or Home Away. Not sure how much flights are though. But it has great beaches, romantic little towns and markets, good food and outdoorsy stuff to do.

    1. That sounds amazing. I've seen decent flights to Tenerife too ... will loo into it:)