Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My band and a show tonight!

I miss them often, but today, I really miss Peter, Steve, and Scott, aka My Band. You see, I'm playing a show in Edinburgh tonight, and I really wish it could be a full band show. In addition to P, S, & S, being three of the funniest and wisest people I know, they can show up to a gig not having seen me in months and still play everything perfectly -- even songs they've not played before.

In Edinburgh I just haven't met enough folks to get a band together. I know some solid musicians who could have played with me tonight, but having been out of town for a month, I haven't had the time to get any sort of rehearsal together. I should really change that because it's getting boring playing solo.

Yodel-ay-ee-oh, though. I'm still excited about playing tonight.

Time to focus on positives: when playing solo, I don't have to make a set list. I won't get distracted by any amazing Steve Cooley solos, Peter's orange pants, or Scott's inappropriate-but-hilarious jokes. I guess that adds a level of professionalism that's hard to attain back home.

Voodoo Rooms tonight! Show starts at 8:00. I'm on around 8:45. It's £6 at the door (or "on the door," as they say here). Adam Holmes and the Embers plays last, and he's absolutely worth staying up late for.

Speaking of late, I was in bed by 9:30 last night. I'd better play some fast yodeling tonight, so I don't conk out.

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