Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's always sunny in Stockbridge.

Ah, Edinburgh, how nice it is to see you again. I adore traveling, but Edinburgh remains just about my favorite city in the world. The dark stone buildings, the winding cobblestone streets, the friendly neighborhoods ... the castle!

Also good news: I didn't have to climb a single stair to take a nap. David moved flats all by his lonesome while I was gone, and we were reunited in a cute little fairy tale abode. No thatched roof, but plenty of gardens and characters, as I found while I wandered the streets this afternoon in the glorious sunshine. It's always sunny in Scotland, no matter what you've heard.

Street view ... Stockbridge Colonies. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our front yard ... no garden-sharing, just ours!

Spring in Scotland.

One of these townhouses is ours...

Spring in our garden!
Hope everyone's having a glorious week. Louisvillians, enjoy the heat. I don't think I'll feel 90 degrees over here unless I'm in a hot tub.


  1. sorry to miss you tonight-hope you're having fun-lovely flat-we can compare colonies sometime,see you soon,fi x

  2. So happy you were able to move into the Stockbridge Colonies -- thanks for taking me by there on our walk -- enjoy your new place and your very own garden! Need a decorator :-) I'll be right over!!! Happy Spring!