Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Storming the Castle -- Daily.

I'm trying to hard to pull myself out of this winter funk. It happens every year, but it's been worse in Scotland. I miss Monday night bluegrass sessions with Steve Cooley at Gerstle's (though you probably miss it too since it was canceled a couple of years ago). Those Monday nights were great stress reliefs and a good excuse to put on grownup clothes. Most of my work involves internet/Skype, so I don't technically have to change out of my pink panda pajama pants. It's a rough life, I know.

Still, I'm trying to look forward to a few things. My favorite instant mood improvers involve baking, which probably isn't a good idea considering our beltlines and budgets. So I'm looking into non-consumer alternatives (we thought buying a fancy Anthropologie quilt would satiate our ennui, but then we never ended up buying it), if anyone's got any bright ideas.

We did join Historic Scotland, which means free entry to the Castle until next year. I'm thinking about walking there daily, having tea in the cafe, and getting some writing done. I mean, if you can't get creative while writing from a castle, where can you? I wonder if they allowed pink panda pajamas there...

How do you beat winter blues?

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