Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scotland v. Texas.

This whole Scottish Independence possibility is pretty intriguing. I've got many native friends, and they seem equally divided on the sanity of the proposition -- as many who think it's preposterous, as think it's inevitable. I'm remaining like Switzerland or Kentucky in this debate.

In thinking about David's career, however, I kind of hope that Scotland secedes. Additionally, I hope that Texas (which, apparently, is the only state that can legally do so) secedes from the United States. Then, I'm thinkin David could finally put that great hair to good use as a politician, obviously becoming the Texas Ambassador to Scotland. Or maybe the Scottish Ambassador to Texas... I'd better think about this some more.

Scotland and Texas really do have a lot in common. They were both former independent nations. You never hear a Texan say they are from "The States." They always say, "I'm from Texas," just like you would never hear a Scotsman say he was from Great Britain. They both like football. Their populations both think their country is the better than yours. I have a hard time understanding many of their accents. They both have lots of oil. They both have the letter "A" in their names. Okay, I'm beginning to sound like a second-grader, so I'll let you all come up with more similarities while I go off in search of a latte. Thoughts?

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  1. hahahah! I never thought of it this way, but you've got a point. Being a Texan, though, I do take exception to some of your points! ;)
    I guess when asked I say I'm from Texas because it's obvious to me that they know I'm from The States, so I'm just being nice by being a little more specific.

    1. Suuuuuuuuure ... :)
      I'm married to a Texan, and my BFF from college is one too ... I'm surrounded!

  2. As the future Texas Ambassador to Scotland, I'm going to need that pin in the picture...hint, hint.