Legos v. Lincoln Logs.

Burns Night Festivities!

Me? In a Bridal Magazine?

Storming the Castle -- Daily.

Cold fingers and a guitar.

Scotland v. Texas.

Flat Stanley is headed home.

Toast, tatties, whisky = kilograms. Lots of kilograms.

Some good Scottish music.

Treats from Home.

New year, new resolve.

Visitors from home.

A trip to the Highlands (Scotland, not Louisville)

Book-it! Novels, challenges, lists ... and what to read next...

Movies, Intermissions, and Gone With The Wind.

Another shout-out to the NHS or "I Love the Dentist!"

Scary flights, barf bags, and pretty pictures.

Egg Rolls for Breakfast. It makes sense, I swear.

New Year's Eve in Edinburgh = best party ever.